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Hello! I am a Trabant owner in the United States. North-eastern Tennessee to be exact. There are about 100 or so Trabbi owners here in the USA.

I imported mine from Hungary about a year and a half ago. Mine is a 1981 model. The previous owner did very little work on this car and I have had to go through the electrical system, brakes and now the vergaser. I hope you guys don't mind me posting questions here in English.

I would really love to learn how to maintain my Trabbi myself but my lack of knowledge and (German) is holding me back. I have been into older Fiats for 20 years so I am mechanically inclined but Trabbis are very unusual to what I've been used to working on.

Here are some photos of my car:


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Hallo and welcome!
It seems, that you are lookig forward to a lot of more work at your hungarian darling...
How much did you have to pay for the shipping of each car?

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