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Hallo and welcome!
It seems, that you are lookig forward to a lot of more work at your hungarian darling...
How much did you have to pay for the shipping of each car?

It was a package deal. I went through an importer in Miami Florida. He found me the car, had it shipped to Florida, did all the customs paperwork, registered it in Florida, and found someone to transport it to me. I paid him $4500 and the driver $300 after he delievered the car. So after all was said and done about $5000.

I later learned Trabbis in this condition sell for about $200 in Hungary but ones already here in the USA would cost me more than $5000. Since they are already here..

But then I started checking prices on Ebay.de and found they are going for about as much as what I paid for mine in Germany.

I read (maybe wrong) but Germans cannot import Trabbis from former Eastern Bloc countries. They were made exempt when Germany reunified but the German government would prefer they were off the roads due to pollution but will allow the ones still in Germany to be driven as long as they are maintained.

Is this true?


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Hey there!

Importing from Hungary doesn't pose a problem for Germans at all, due to both being members of the European Union.

What you heard is fortunately a myth There are no government regulations for trading Trabis in Germany, it can be traded just like any other car.

By the way: it seems that you've hit the "Neues Thema" (New topic) button instead of the "Neue Antwort" (New reply) button.

Greetings from the lake Bodensee and a happy new year!

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Christian K

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"Lake Bodensee", hahaha.
Correct translation into English language is "Lake Constance".

Happy New Year!


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A word by word translator could have done worse: floor lake

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